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Holistic Lifestyle Designer





Your home can be the source of allergies, frequent illness, stress and other physical symptoms. For those looking to enhance a completed living space, this walk through consultation is followed by a home detox protocol developed by our Holistic Designer.  

Session includes recommendations for products and  techniques to support wellness at home - from water filtration installation to air purification, testing, furnishing, decor, EMF exposure and more. 



SPRUCE: from $0.16/sq ft

Hire our team for a seasonal or post-construction detox using non-toxic cleaning products, techniques and technologies to reduce various exposures and allergens in your home.

Cleaning is followed by a session of ozone disinfection to sanitize and sterilize your space of airborne contaminants, eliminate odours and reduce levels of formaldehyde and other VOC’s that are often at high levels following home renewal/building projects.



BUILD WHEALTH: from $35/sq ft

A dream home project initiated by a consultation with the holistic designer, builder and architect to create a vision for a healthy custom home that supports a lifestyle of wellness.

Teamed with Maleo Custom homes, the holistic designer and builder will be involved in the execution of the project, supporting clients through the process in making informed decisions regarding building materials, layout, design and technologies to create a dream zen home.



Invite Natalia to speak at your next event on various wellness topics including home detoxification, self-care, gut health, the benefit of houseplants or other health topics of interest! Please contact for inquiries.