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About Natalia


Natalia Dudka-Markewycz is a First Class Honour’s graduate of the Institute of Holistic Nutrition and holds a Honours Bachelor degree in Modern Languages, as well as a Master in French Literature both from the University of Toronto. Before starting a family, Natalia was a doctorate candidate in Humanities at York University, but motherhood ignited her passion for health and nutrition which sparked the desire for a career shift and the pursuit of an education in Holistic Nutrition.

Natalia has fused her specialties in interior decorating and holistic nutrition to offer services that cater to the health-conscious home owner looking to combine luxury and aesthetic appeal with a ‘clean,’ healthy and sustainable living space for individuals, couples and families alike. As founder and head consultant of Whealthy & Co., Natalia has developed a passion in designing an aesthetic and functional lifestyle to support excellent health and wellness. She excels in creating a wholesome balance of maintaining an elegance in her living space design, while embracing her extensive knowledge in health and nutrition to design a lifestyle of harmony and wellness.

With a love for learning, Natalia is a strong believer in education as a lifelong journey. She loves reading and continuing her studies to upgrade her knowledge and accreditations to learn of the newest science-based research in wellness and to stay on top of health studies, design trends and technologies to create a healthy lifestyle in today’s modern society. Natalia is a mother to three boys who inspire her in her work and research, continuously fuelling her ardent passion in the field of holistic wellness.


Healthy Home

At Whealthy & Co., we have a holistic outlook on health that goes beyond diet and exercise and specializes in creating a healthy living space to practice a lifestyle of wellness. What your body takes in from its surrounding living environment also impacts your health and mind. Given we spend 90% of our time indoors, a healthy space for that time is paramount to one’s welfare . Many home owners aren’t aware of the toxicants that plague their home which may very well be playing a negative role in one’s immunity, psyche, sleep, health and general well-being.  

Individuals suffering from health conditions such as environmental allergies, auto-immune disease, multiple chemical sensitivity, insomnia, hormonal imbalances, asthma and cancer would benefit greatly from our services; though any family or individual looking to enhance their quality of living would thrive in a home free of hazardous exposures that is designed to support a clean and healthy lifestyle.

WHEALTHY & Co. follows high standards in all aspects of a healthy, holistic space, from air quality and water filtration to household products and appliances, to the design of a zen home atmosphere and landscape that boast elegance and luxury.